Where I come from

I was born on November 21st, 1976 in Rome. My father dances the tarantella, sings “O sole mio” in Sicilian, writes poetry and works in a hospital. My mother writes books and reads a lot. As my father, she listens mostly to classical music. I have 2 sisters. Eleonora is a composer and singer, Elisa is a dancer and also does tatoos and piercings.

My passion: Percussion

I perform in several musical ensembles with different styles of music- latin, funk, jazz, blues, reggae, “world”, italian pop and folk, afro, etc. This ist why it is necessary for me to use different types of instruments in each band.

Each one has developed through its traditions, handed-down specific rhythms and requires different playing techniques that I have been able to develop through my teaching as well as through intensive self-study. I begin by learning all that that particular instrument has to offer and then, together with my creativity and inspiration, continue to develop my performance.

Educational Experience

Since 2004, I have been teaching African percussion instruments in the Elementary School Krottenbachstrasse in Vienna and give workshops in cultural centers, cultural organizations, for different grades in schools in Vienna, Austria and throughout Europe.

Since 2013 I have been a musician with the Vienna Concert House and am working on the project “Sing Along Blauli”. I am the musical director, founder, choreograph and teacher of the samba reggae band Batala Austria.

Current groups

Evelin Salsa y Sabor (Latin)
Banda Pacheco (Rock, Ska, Pop, Reggae)
24 7 (Funk, Soul, Rock, Pop)
Tremblor (Afrolatin, afrobrazilian, african percussion band)
Dos Alas (Latin Jazz Duo)
Lionel Bozek Quartett (Jazz, Fusion, Flamenco)
Canto y Cuerda (Latin, mexican Mariachi and Flamenco)
Dragana Mirkovic (folk music from Serbia)
Cortejo Afro (Afoxé, Samba Reggae, Axé)

I also perform as a percussionist in several clubs with DJ's and accompany many diverse musical styles and directions.