Playing together, getting to know one's self better and learning with fun!

The drums and the various small percussion instruments that I use as study materials, come from many different countries of the world such as Brazil, Cuba, West Africa, North Africa, Italy, or Australia, etc.

Doing something that is not part of the daily routine, can be a way for some to express their own personality. Doing this with a full and compact rhythm, or with a “Floreo”, with my assistance, is the goal of these workshops! The rhythms that I teach are a mixture of different sounds that everyone can learn.

I strongly believe that we can all learn to play rhythms because rhythm is the basis for our lives, like our heartbeat or the tempo that we use while walking.

We play together and each one has their own role to play in the rhythm. Alone it produces a “sound”, but together these different roles create a total rhythm.

All of the materials used will be provided by me. Please inquire by e-mail regarding the specific program and prices: