What is Batala?

Batala is an international percussion-band that plays a style of samba called samba reggae or afoxè, drum music which originates in Salvador de Bahia, in northeastern Brasil.

What is special about Batala?

Batala forms part of 28 international Samba bands in 20 countries (Austria, Brasil, France, USA, Spain, Netherlands, UK, etc.) and on 4 continents (America, Europe, Africa, Australia) with a worldwide membership of over 1000 drummers. The band performs in Austria, worldwide and in famous Carnivals like in Salvador de Bahia (Brasil) or in Notting Hill (London) every year.


Lorenzo Gangi formed Batala in Austria in January 2009. He got the offer from Giba Gonçalves to form a Batala in Vienna after a collaboration in the famous dance festival Impulse Dance in 2006. Lorenzo Gangi participated in this year at the carnival of Notting Hill with the Mundo Batala. The sound impressed him a lot and from that moment he worked to form a band in Vienna and played with numerous Batala Bands worldwide.

Where is Batala Austria?

Finally the band in Vienna is formed out of 20 members and there are one to three weekly rehearsals.